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XComPro SECS Driver

Optimum Solution for SECS Implementation,

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· SECS communication driver

· Supports SEMI E4, E5 and E37

· Supports standard communication protocols between
  semiconductor or flat panel display facilities

XComPro SECS Driver is a communication driver that helps you use SECS communications more easily and conveniently. As it support both SECS-I via RS-232C and HSMS via TCP/IP within one control, you can apply your systems to the various environment with the same control and usages.

XComPro Features and Functions

1) XComPro Features

· ActiveX-Based OCX control
· Support for both SECS-I and HSMS-SS
  (Settings can be changed using the Configuration Tool)
· Various Development tools (Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, Delphi, C++ Builder)
· Automatic stream 9 messages transmission for the communication errors
· Up to 8 SECS communication connections with one license

2) Standards Supported by XComPro

3) SECS-I Function

· Use of multi-block messages
· Communications parameters settings can be changed during runtime (T1, T2, T3, T4, …)
· Automatic management of system bytes
· Detection of the duplicated blocks with same header
· Message interleaving

4) SECS-II Function

· Management of SECS message transactions
· No Reply message setting can be changed during runtime
· Convenient management of data formats of list item and simple items

5) HSMS Function

· Support for HSMS-SS
· Communications parameters settings can be changed during runtime (T3, T5, T6, …)
· Support for the connection state


Steps of Using XComPro

System Requirements

· CPU : Pentium Dual Core or higher
· Memory : 2GB
· OS : Windows XP SP3 / Windows Server 2003 SP3 / Windows Server 2008 /
          Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10
· Protection Key : H/W Protection (Parallel port or USB port)

Products Line-Up

· XCom SE (Standard Edition)   : The product for the individual equipment.
                                                     It supports up to 8 SECS communications connections with one license.
· XCom EE (Enterprise Edition) : The Product for the system requiring a large number of SECS Communication
                                                     connections. It allows for up to 50 SECS communication connections with
                                                     one license

XCom Pro SECS Driver provides convenient tools supporting system implementation and testing.

Configruration Tool

· SCES-I HSMS Communication setting
· Communication parameters setting
· Management of the operation logs
· Various log types (Binary, SECS-II, event and Alarm log)
· Simple SECS message generation

Simulator Tool

· Operates message Scenarios
· Replies secondary messages automatically
· Sets values of the message items
· Can be applied to the message communication test

Log Viewer

· Check log contents
· Checking the real time information of the log file being created
· Convert log file to text format file
· Easy error analysis and log check