Organization Chart

Div./Team Responsibility
Technology R&D Center - Develops flagship products and researches source technologies.
Development & Project Division - Manages test automation projects, implements and manages test automation environment.
- Also cover minor software and hardware models required for extended test coverage.
Testing & Project Division - Manages test consulting activities for mobile and Windows or automobile applications as well as
  outsource testing projects.
FA Business Division - Manages factory production information automation projects and develops systems such as
  CIM, RTMS, etc.
Public Business Division - We carry out development of various public business including defense business.
Management Support Team - Promotes efficient use of resources based on a rational organization structure,
   contributing to improvement of the company’s management performance.
Sales Team - Maximizes the performance trough meeting sales targets, increasing revenue and profits and
  generating new customers and leads (primarily focusing on the domestic market)
Planning & Marketing Team - Project communications through marketing or requirement analysis and UX-based interface
  development practice.