Software Test


From Test Case Generation to Testing Operation through Script Development,
Fully Automated Software Stability Testing Solution

SMARTER (Smart Monkey And Random Tester)

· Software credibility / stability assessment tool
· Convenient structure and easy application
· Minimized changes requiring user training

SMARTER is a random test solution that has been developed to overcome limitations of conventional monkey input tests. SMARTER enables automated evaluation on the functions and stability through screen shifts, while offering concrete ways to trace and reproduce detected defects.

Key Features and Functions of SMARTER

1) Monkey Test vs Smart Monkey Test

2) SMARTER Test Process

· SMARTER can distinguish valid input areas more accurately using a proprietary image processing algorithm.
· Also, it accurately identifies normal or abnormal screen shifts by simple random inputs and reports the status
  in case of abnormal shifts such as system freezing (locking), abnormal status
  (red/blue/gray/white screen shifts), etc.

Components & Data Flow

SMARTER Manager allows you to perform evaluation of stability and reliability of multiple devices automatically and simultaneously through controlling and monitoring connected SMARTER systems and collecting and analyzing screen shifts and the relevant errors derived from events occurrence on the devices.