Software Test


Multi-Functional Trace and Analysis Tool for Android System

VOLT (Validation System For embedded Linux Target)

VOLT is a Linkgenesis' proprietary trace and analysis
tailored for Android based mobile/embedded
applications and digital home appliance software

Recently, the adoption of Android has increased in mobile, automobile, TV, set top box, consumer electronics and other applied industries. As the adoption further develops and the functions diversify, increases the need for trace and analyzing solution that can effectively detect and analyze errors.

VOLT is a multi-functional trace and analyzing tool tailored for embedded Android systems that significantly increases the quality and development productivity of Android applications.

Features and Key Functions of VOLT

· increases product quality and reduces development cycle
· Supports detecting various type of errors
· Supports performance monitoring and analysis
· Reduces test prearation time and side effects through minimizing source modification
· Minimizes costs through detecting potential defects
· Provides accurate defect analysis data

Key Feature Description
SW Structure & Change Analysis - Investigate SW structure through analyzing ELF file in system image files and Android APK files
- Analyzes SW changes derived from version updates
Memory Error Verification - Supports memory allocation failure, zero size memory allocation, memory leaks, null pointer dereferencing, etc.
IPC Error Verification - Analyzes errors using Pipe, Mutex, Semaphore, Thread, Socket and/or Signal functions
Error Injection - Monitors exceptional cases through advertently injecting forced change errors to files
Performance Analysis - Monitors memory use and CPU loads

VOLT - Components and Data Flows

AIST consists of two components. VOLT Agent collects memory, IPC, and function uses logs through hooking on embedded devices and AIST PC Tool analyzes the collected logs and system image files.

1) VOLT Agent - Running on AVN, the agent collects system logs upon test operation (manual/auto)
2) VOLT PC Tool – The PC Tool analyzes the logs generated by agent through S/W image analysis and
                              log analysis