Information Automation

EDA Solution

Software for SEMI EDA/Interface A Standards

EDA Solution CIMPortal™ Plus

The CIMPortal™ Plus software toolkit provides a comprehensive
equipment data acquisition(EDA) solution for equipment manufacturers
as well as for integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) retrofitting
existing equipment. The Software Development Kit (SDK) includes tools
for designing, developing, testing, optimizing, and deploying
EDA/Interface A communications that fully comply with the SEMI standards
and accommodates data collection from different software and
hardware platforms.

CimPortal Plus is built upon the award-winning, industry-leading CIMPortal software toolkit that has set the
Interface A connectivity standard for semiconductor equipment suppliers. Cimetrix developed CIMPortal Plus
specifically to help equipment makers support both versions of the EDA/Interface A standards
- Freeze Version I (1105) and Freeze Version II (0710).

CIMPortal Plus Feature

1) Complete set of Interface A tools

· Develop, test, and deploy faster by aligning tools with robust development processes

2) Flexible equipment model architecture

· Design a model that meets both Freeze Version I and Freeze Version II requirements

3) Drag-and-drop model builder with EDA compliance checker

· See graphical representation of the tool under construction and the relationships between different components

4) Model wizard and equipment model templates

· Reduce the effort to create an E164-compliant equipment model

5) CIMStore Database Module included

· Collect data in database - MySQL, MS SQL Server, or Oracle - for on-tool storage

6) CIM Web EDA-compliant Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) hosted web service

· Single point of configuration for web services within the Cimportal Plus environment

· Connect to Freeze Version I and Freeze Version II clients simultaneously

· Implements all of the required state machines and automatically handles session persistence,
data collection plan persistence, and data collection report buffering

7) High performance CIMPortal Engine and Data Collection Interface Modules (DCIM)

· Exceed SEMATECH's stated performance expectations

8) High degree of flexibility and configurability

· Implement unique deployments that conform to specific fab requirements and protect proprietary data

9) Advanced message security for unique fab requirements

· Secure messaging with authorized Interface A clients - beyond the scope of the E132 standard
- including support for HTTPS certificate encryption and other security features

10) Supports ConditionValue traces in Freeze Version II implementations

· Enables use of condition-based trace data collection, enabling focused data collection, and reducing the effort to store and analyze data

11) Supports multiple Data Collection Interface Modules (DCIMs), including CIMConnect,

· Collect data from different sources, including non-Windows based systems, while maintaining the calue, timing, synchronization, and context of the data

12) Includes ECCE Plus and simulator

· Enables testing of the Interface A connection

13) Cimetrix passionate Support Team - the best in the industry

· Fast, thorough responses to your questions and issues

CIMPortal Plus Architecture and Implementation